Lotus Ceramic Plate
Lotus Ceramic Plate
Lotus Ceramic Plate
Lotus Ceramic Plate
Lotus Ceramic Plate
Lotus Ceramic Plate

Lotus Ceramic Plate

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Product Overview

Dimensions: Diameter:17.8cm/7inHeight:3.8cm/1.49in



  • Fresh and Retro Lotus Leaf Tray: Elevate your dining experience with the Fresh and Retro Lotus Leaf Tray, a versatile piece suitable for various scenes, whether as a dessert plate, dinner plate, or decorative tray.

  • Suitable for Various Scenes: The Lotus Ceramic Plate is designed for versatility, making it suitable for a range of scenes, from elegant dinners to casual gatherings, providing the perfect combination of retro and fashion.

  • Exquisite Appearance Design: The Lotus Ceramic Plate stands out with its exquisite appearance design, making it more than just a dinner plate—it's a statement piece that adds a unique fashion atmosphere to your table.

  • Combination of Retro and Fashion: Enjoy the perfect blend of retro charm and modern fashion with this exquisite Lotus Ceramic Plate, a decorative tray that effortlessly combines timeless style with contemporary flair.

  • Unique Fashion Atmosphere: Immerse your dining setting in a unique fashion atmosphere with the Lotus Ceramic Plate, serving as both a practical tray and a stylish display piece for your culinary creations.

Crafted to be suitable for dessert, dinner, or as a decorative tray, the Lotus Ceramic Plate offers versatility that complements both elegant dinners and casual gatherings. The perfect combination of retro and fashion makes it a timeless addition to your tableware collection.

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Lotus Ceramic Plate

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